Testimonial 1 – My wife and I were two people who loved each other deeply, but could not have been more different from each other. As I reflect on our lives, I must say I owe a large part of the happiness we’re experiencing to encountering Mary Pender Greene. I met her when my wife dragged me in to see her. I only went along to state my case and thought I would be told that I was completely wrong and the cause of our martial unhappiness. Instead I found an insightful masterful relationship counselor who was sensitive to my earnest, though awkward and miss communicated efforts to strengthen our family. Belen Godwin's calming voice taught us to use our differences to enhance our life experiences. Without Belen I doubt my marriage would have held together. With her help we were able to build a truly loving, trusting, intimate and fun relationship. As a result, I believe our son grew up in a loving family and has also been able to meet and marry a sane and loving partner. Sometimes you can't do it alone.

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