• International Overdose Awareness Day & Recovery Month
    International Overdose Awareness Day was August 31st.  This day focuses on reducing the number of deaths caused by overdose, educating the public, and working to rid of the stigma surrounding addiction. Awareness is essential in prevention, and #OverdoseAwarenessDay provides a time and space to discuss prevention measures and drug policy, in order to make stridesContinue reading “International Overdose Awareness Day & Recovery Month”
  • 8 Ways to Help Cure You Teens Screen Addiction
    Parents welcome technology devices in the home as helpful tools. (Who doesn’t want a homework assistant, a boredom killer, or a virtual chaperone a pre-installed geo-tracker for their teen?) But without parameters, technology is like the obnoxious houseguest who overstays his welcome, while consuming all the snacks in the fridge. Current research reported by the National PTA suggests thatContinue reading “8 Ways to Help Cure You Teens Screen Addiction”
  • Previous Events
    STAFF GATHERING Sept 2, 2021 Missing from the pictures; Glenda Lonardo, Julie Carozzo, Cassidy LaPointe, Charlene Bobec, Tyler Swanberg, kaitlyn Smith, and Juana Espinosa.
    veryone has different beliefs about life and death, but nobody expects death to be pleasant. That can make it difficult for people to see that they’re truly struggling. You may think that what you’re going through is normal, but it may be a sign that you’re having trouble coping with your feelings.
  • Asking for Help: Getting Past Obstacles
    When we’re struggling with something, it’s natural to turn to others for help. Helping each other is all part of the giving and receiving that makes up good relationships. Getting help sounds simple. But it’s not always easy to do. Sometimes we stand in our own way without realizing it. Certain beliefs or ways ofContinue reading “Asking for Help: Getting Past Obstacles”

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