About Us

Blueskies was founded with the driving purpose of treating and preventing school bullying, a growing and dangerously prevalent phenomenon in children’s lives. Today, Blueskies has broadened its purpose to provide a variety of clinical therapy services for all ages, along with maintaining its bullying prevention program.
Our mission is to assist all individuals achieve the highest level of mental and emotional well being. As we grow we are excited to be a part of our community and to partner with local schools, practices, and other service providers.


Belen Godwin | Founder & Clinic Director

On behalf of Blueskies’ entire staff of health care professionals and support staff, I extend a warm welcome.

Since our founding in 2011, Blueskies has remained on the forefront of innovation, evolving and expanding to where you need us, when you need us. It is compassion of our highly skilled and devoted caregivers that truly defines us. We value culture, families, and unique individuals’ needs.  Their commitment to advancing frontier healthcare and their approach to care has earned the trust of patients and their loved ones for almost a decade.

As we prepare for the opportunities and challenges ahead, we will continue to make decisions based on the needs of our patients and the community.  Whether you need to answer a mental health question, understand options to better living or be guided to the appropriate services, or just want to learn more about optimizing your health and wellness, I invite you to contact us.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you now and in the future.


Belen Godwin, Founder/CEO, MSW, MFT

Charlene Bobek, M.Ed. Counseling

Cynthia Veatch, LICSW

Jessica Hagan, LMHC (pending)

Delaney Row, LMHC (pending)

Amanda Parker, Business Development Specialist

Vanety Cruz, LMHC (pending)

Marlenny DeJesus, LMHC (pending)

Marsha Girault-Macias, MSW/LICSW

Moe Karroumi, Master’s Level Intern

Michelle Matoga, Master’s Level Intern


BELEN GODWIN | Blueskies | Founder
Frannie Nice | Retired | Board Member
SOLEDAD TANNER | STC Consulting | Founder & CEO
LAURA KUCIPAK | Primerica | Office Manager
AMANDA PARKER | Blueskies | Clerk