Mental Health Month 2023

Our mental health is integral to our overall well-being. Just like we take care of our physical health, it’s crucial to nurture our minds and hearts. Mental Health Awareness Month reminds us that mental health is not a personal matter but a collective responsibility. When we support one another, offer a listening ear, and show kindness, we contribute to creating a world where everyone feels understood and accepted, regardless of their mental health status. 

World Mental Health Day, observed on October 10th, takes this awareness a step further by uniting people across the globe to emphasize the importance of mental health advocacy, education, and awareness. It’s a day dedicated to spreading knowledge about various mental health conditions, the available treatments, and the resources that can aid those in need. By educating ourselves and others, we can reduce the stigma, encourage early intervention, and promote a more supportive society for everyone affected by mental health issues. 

At Blueskies, we are committed to serving the community by providing accessible, high quality outpatient counseling for children, teens, adults, and couples. Seeking professional help is a crucial step towards healing and growth. If you or a loved one is seeking counseling services, please take a look at our website at  

The World Health Organization (WHO) shares more information on Mental Health Awareness Month, including this year’s theme which is – 

“Mental health is a universal human right”.  

Find more details & ways to show your support this month by visiting the WHO website here >  

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