Celebrating Black History Month

February begins the celebration of Black History Month.

History.com defines black history month as,”an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history”. The celebration first came about in 1915, when slavery was abolished in the United States. Throughout this month we remember and honor the powerful and influential leaders of the black community who fought tirelessly for equal rights.

One way to celebrate this holiday is through learning about the black experience in America including the history of slavery and civil rights. Leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, Rosa Parks and Hariett Tubman are just a few of the most well known African American activists who began a nationwide movement towards equality during their times. Other ways to get involved in Black History Month include supporting black-owned businesses, reading literature by African American authors, or donating to Black organizations/charities.

Join Blueskies Behavioral Health in celebrating the fullness of black culture and history this month, and every month. Read more about Black History Month here.

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