International Overdose Awareness Day & Recovery Month

International Overdose Awareness Day was August 31st. 

This day focuses on reducing the number of deaths caused by overdose, educating the public, and working to rid of the stigma surrounding addiction. Awareness is essential in prevention, and #OverdoseAwarenessDay provides a time and space to discuss prevention measures and drug policy, in order to make strides and take action in an effort to diminish this world health crisis. Join the conversation & learn more about how you can get involved using the link below – provides a plethora of information including, but not limited to, warning signs, prevention tips, statistical evidence, and brain damage. There is also a “Resources” tab located on the website if you, or a loved one, is at risk for overdosing. 

This year, Blueskies Behavioral Health joined with the Methuen, Ma Police Department to pay tribute to the number of lives lost to overdose. As we move into September, we celebrate National Recovery Month, an inspiring segway into learning more about how to manage and recover from mental health or substance abuse disorders. This month is intended to highlight new, evidence based recovery practices. Recovery month focuses on how to support those in recovery, so that they can relearn how to maintain healthy routines and lifestyles that encourage sobriety. 

If you or someone you know could benefit from addiction services, please see the list of local resources in the Methuen, MA area. 

Clean Slate

Methuen, MA

Provides compassionate, dignified care for those with substance abuse disorders. Clean Slate offers outpatient therapy in person and remotely.

Spectrum Health Systems

Haverhill, MA

Offers a variety of services such as inpatient stabilization and detoxification, outpatient programs, and adolescent services. 

Beth Israel Lahey Behavioral Health 

Lawrence, MA

Numerous different treatment options based on availability (group therapy, individual counseling, inpatient therapy, crisis hotline, etc.)

Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment

Woburn, MA

Provides outpatient therapy, day treatment, and rehabilitation for those battling substance abuse disorders. Includes relapse prevention, therapeutic family integration, occupational assistance, and much more.

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