Everyone has different beliefs about life and death, but nobody expects death to be pleasant. That can make it difficult for people to see that they’re truly struggling. You may think that what you’re going through is normal, but it may be a sign that you’re having trouble coping with your feelings.

If you find yourself falling into any of the following categories, you could benefit from extra support.

Low Social Support

Friends and family are supposed to be there for you after a loss, but sometimes that isn’t the case. They may be too entangled in their own grief to help you, or they may be unable to give you what you need or even know how to cope with loss themselves.

Lack of Sleep/Insomnia

Sleep is essential for keeping us healthy and helping the brain cope with stress. If you’re having troubling falling asleep, experience disturbances in sleep, or have frequent troubling nightmares your body is trying to tell you it’s in distress.

History of Substance Abuse or Poor Coping Skills

It isn’t uncommon for our most problematic behavior to pop up when times are tough. Maybe you’ve struggled with drugs or alcohol in the past. You may have had problems with self-harm or risky sexual behavior. Regardless of your own personal struggle, getting help could keep you from falling into bad habits.

Long Term Grief

You’ve heard that things get easier as time goes on, but you still feel absolutely destroyed from the loss of your loved one. It may have been months or even years since they’ve passed, but you still feel the loss like it happened yesterday. Your inability to move on is a sure sign you need support.


Did you find yourself related to some of what we just said? Your grief may be difficult to deal with, but it’s not impossible. If you’re ready to learn how to get help for grief, there are two important things you can do.

Be Honest

The best way to deal with difficult feelings is to be honest about their existence. Don’t be afraid to let people know that you’re struggling.

These feelings may be difficult and even a little scary, but acknowledging how you feel can help you process your grief.

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