3 Easy tips to becoming an Everyday Hero in your home

Our parents and caregivers today come in all shapes, sizes, race, and social economic levels. Blueskies Behavioral Health Services, is launching a hero’s campaign in honor of all the parents and caregivers that have become front line people during COVID-19, supporting, teaching, educating, and leading.

During June and July 2020, we will celebrate and give helpful tips on how the actions of parents can cause our children thrive amid adversity.

Hey parents, would you like to become an everyday Hero?
Here are three easy tips you can apply to every day interactions with your kids:

  1. Listen to your child attentively for at least one minute.  Make sure you are not distracted while listening.

Our days can be filled with many distractions: tv, social media, our phones, and now many of us are working from home. All these things can cause our time to be tight and in spite of many forms of entertainment, children still crave undivided attention from us.

It can seem draining when they are constantly asking for our attention but making little changes to our day can make us into Every Day Heroes.

Start with 1 minute every day with direct eye contact as your child is speaking. No phones, no tv, no computer screens. That way your child will feel valued and heard. This simple step will go a long way in creating moments where your child can work or play independently while you work on whatever else needs to get done.

  1. Plan one or two weekly activity with your child/children in mind

Sometimes, it can feel as if one day blends into the next. It may even feel as though you are racing against the time as spontaneous events pop up throughout the week.

One way to make sure both you and child are getting quality time together is to plan one or two fun events a week. it doesn’t have to be pricey, elaborate, or even away from home. It just has to be intentional.

Try doing easy things to start, like a picnic in the backyard, blowing bubbles, or playing a board game. As local areas start to open up again, plan trips to the local park or museum. Even activities like baking treats can count towards a fun activity.

  1. Change the scene

There are times when a child may seem overwhelmed or unnecessarily tense. It’s in these moments that a change of location will help. If they are struggling in the living room, perhaps a chat in the kitchen will help.

As a family, take a step outside and practice slow, deep breathing. This quick and easy practice of changing locations and learning coping skills will train your child to calm themselves when they are feeling stressed.

We are so excited to celebrate you and other parents as Everyday Heroes! Won’t you help us by sharing this article and consider donating towards our Every Day Hero Fund. Through this fund, we will be caring for local families and providing the added mental health assistance needed during this time.


Take a step to make the mental health of your family a priority during this pandemic.

We are raising over $30,000 towards mental health support. Help us bring awareness to the importance being an Every Day Hero by donating any amount.

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