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Blueskies believes that whoever you are, whatever your need, it is our job to provide the service or/and guide you to the best practice resources that will get your needs met. Our success will be measured by your level of satisfaction and the positive impact in your life.

Blueskies is now accepting Masters Level Interns for the 2023 School Year!

Work alongside a brilliant team of healthcare professionals and receive one-on-one clinical supervision as you earn your degree in Mental Health Counseling or Social Work. For more information on our internship program, click here.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been unprecedented in its scale and the challenges it has presented. The impact has transcended race, age, geography, gender, and social statuses.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of all those affected. And with the health and essential workers battling this pandemic both locally, nationally, and globally.

Blueskies Behavioral Health Services’ top priority during the COVID Pandemic, has been to create a safe clinic environment to assist in the most optimal delivery of psychiatric, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers, partners and people around us. This has been our number one priority.

Blueskies Behavioral Health Services, moved and pivoted immediately by forming a cohesive internal team, together with providers and networking groups, centrally and locally, to monitor the situation, respond quickly and act appropriately, adhering to the advice of governments and local authorities. 

Blueskies was informed by the Center for Disease Control and state of Massachusetts regulatory guidelines to minimize the impact on deliveries and service levels to our customers and partners. Special thanks to our community, network, families, and many providers who became the lifeblood of our business and we will do our utmost to support you. On behalf of Blueskies, I wish to thank you for working with us in these challenging times and for your continuing collaboration. 

Blueskies has continued to take leadership in an ongoing process to responsibly deliver services, while at the same time, helping to contain the virus. We’ve implemented a variety of policies including observing the Massachusetts, CORONA Virus updated restrictions on travel and access to our sites, telehealth and physical treatment have become the mode of operations. The clinic has also maintained very stringent hygiene and health measures in our clinic. 

I am thrilled to hear so many testimonies of clients, providers and members of our community expressing gratitude for the services and presence Blueskies Behavioral Health Services has been able to provide. 

Thank you, take care and stay safe.

Best regards, 

Belen Ortiz-Godwin/CEO 

Blueskies Wellness is trusted and recognized by the city of Methuen.

Now introducing, Tele-therapy. Don’t miss a session! Our team members are now able to chat with you through video conferencing.

Blueskies Behavioral Health Services could not have survived the COVID-19 pandemic without the support or our stakeholders, Board of Directors, community, clients, and the funding support from the following organizations:
Blueskies Behavioral Health Services is proud to be in partnership with National League of Cities

Blueskies Behavioral Health is an award-winning mental health clinic with locations in Methuen, MA and Salem, NH.

Massachusetts Office
232 Pleasant Street
Methuen MA 01844

New Hampshire Office
50 Stiles Road
Salem NH 03079

(978) 655-1823




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